Find & retain your next Superstar!

At VIVA, we work hard to understand your unique business context and culture, and create solutions to solve your needs.

HR Challenges

Competitive Landscape & Talent Shortage

75% of employers reported challenges finding skilled and qualified employees.

Lack of Skills Assessment

Traditional methods like resumes and interviews are resulting in inadequate skills assessment and lower rates of hiring success.

Employee Development & Retention

Lack of employee growth and development is leading to low retention and engagement, talent loss and reputational risk.

Our Services

Talent Acquisition

Identifying, attracting, and hiring top-tier talent that fits your company culture.

Management & Leadership Development

Impactful training and coaching to upskill your managers and leaders to drive meaningful change within the organisation.

Sales & Client Services Training

Providing the best practices and techniques to improve customer satisfaction and drive business development.

Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

Enhancing workplace satisfaction to boost productivity and reduce turnover.

About us

Our way of working

Regional Expertise

Our experienced team boasts decades of expertise, a solid 10-year client retention record, and a strong regional network of relationships.

Tailored Solutions

We recognize the uniqueness of each business, and our tailored strategies and solutions are designed to fit your specific challenges and organizational culture.


We’re dedicated to achieving measurable results, from enhanced efficiency to higher employee satisfaction, by understanding your organization’s definition of success and striving to deliver it.

Partnership Mentality

We’re not just a service provider, but a partner invested in your long-term success. We have built our business based on long-term relationships with our clients.

Our Approach


Discovery Phase

We delve deep into your business, understanding your challenges, goals, and organisational culture.


Strategy Development

Crafting a comprehensive strategy and roadmap that aligns with your business objectives.



This is where the rubber hits the road and we execute on an implementation plan based on best practices and our regional expertise. 


Monitoring & Optimization

Continuously measuring outcomes and making adjustments for ongoing success.